D & D Distributing has 25 + years experience in the Liquid Manure and Waste Water Treatment business. D & D Distributing has products for Agricultural and Sewage/Waste Water uses.

DiGest 3+3 and DiGest Liquid are a highly concentrated blend of bacterial strains, specially selected for degradation of a broad spectrum of organic wastes. The bacterial spores, when activated in an organic system, function aerobically and anaerobically. Our customer base includes dairy, hog, beef, poultry, municipal and residential waste applications.

D & D is also a distributor of Kemira Klasp Litter Amendment. Klasp is a nontoxic, nonhazardous substance that is used by the poultry industry to effectively reduces ammonia, sequesters phosphorous and nitrogen and efficiently lowers litter pH while providing a drier house environment.

From the beginning, our main focus is to have good products with excellent customer service. We build a good working relationship with our customers by delivering 99% of the product that we sell. Over the years, we have made improvements in our products to keep up with the ever-changing agriculture industry. We have added new products for waste treatment and other areas to help meet the needs of our customers.

New Technology added to DiGest 3+3 and DiGest Liquid

We have incorporated new technology into our product that helps with breaking down fiber and that allows for more nitrogen to be available for crops.

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