Litter Amendment

Kemira KlaspTM (Fe2 (SO4)3•9H2O) Litter Amendment is a dry, granulated form of ferric sulfate that contains approximately 20% iron as Fe+3. It is nontoxic, nonhazardous and classified as a GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) substance to be used by the poultry industry in pursuit of best management practices. Klasp Litter Amendment effectively reduces ammonia, sequesters phosphorous and nitrogen and efficiently lowers litter pH while providing a drier house environment.



KLASP™ lowers ammonia emissions:

KLASP™ sequesters phosphorous & nitrogen resulting in:

The KLASP™ Patented granular formulation provides:


Application Recommendations

A rate of 75-100 pounds of Klasp Litter Amendment per 1,000 ft2 of floor space is the typical recommendation for the treatment of broiler litter. Rate selection for each operation will depend on current management practices and needs, based on factors such as litter reuse, short layout periods, ventilation control and existing litter moisture levels. Klasp Litter Amendment can be safely applied with birds in the house to address management issues that occur post-placement.


Ammonia Control

Poultry producers traditionally use ventilation and acid-based litter amendments to lower pH, bind litter nitrogen, sequester phosphorus, and dry the litter cake. With respect to ventilation, energy costs increase as ambient temperature decreases. While acid-based litter amendments can be effective for the short- term control of ammonia, this effect is typically short-lived in the broiler house environment. The use of litter amendments should provide the poultry producer a net benefit, by providing lower mortality, in-house ammonia control and energy savings, while meeting all environmental goals of the producer.

The use of Kemira Klasp Litter Amendment creates an improved bird environment and enhanced overall general animal health.

University trials and field testing indicate that poultry litter treated with Klasp™ Litter Amendment results in: